A Central Air Problem

Do you know what is wrong with your central air conditioning?

Sometimes central air conditioner troubleshooting can be a very difficult and frustrating process.  Often times an individual simply cannot figure out the problem by themselves.  Many believe it actually is not wise to try and fix your HVAC system without a professional present.  Most heating and cooling companies offer a free consultation session.  This means that they will happily send one of their AC contractors to your home or place of business to help and figure out the problem.

Many times the contractor is able to find a way to fix the issue that will save you tons of money.  More times than not the air conditioner that you believe is broken in reality is not.  Understanding a central air system can be a very complicated thing.  This is why most heating and air contractors have taken classes and become certified in this particular area.


Are Roofers Overlooked?

Is Roofing one of the most overlooked jobs?

The roofing contractors Wilmington NC has to offer are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen.  Many people overlook the amount of hard work that goes into rebuilding or installing a brand new roof.  Whether it is a commercial roofing or residential roofing job, they are both extremely hard work.  Commercial roofing jobs tend to last a little longer though.  They are just so much bigger jobs compared to residential.

But it does not matter what type of roofing work you do, it is going to be hot and very strenuous work.  There are some people whom cannot handle the physical requirements needed to complete a roofing job.  These jobs are often forgotten about while admiring the beauty of a house.  The one thing you can rely on though, every single building has to have a roof.  This means there is always work for a good roofer.

Finding The Right AC Parts

What is the best parts store for your broken air conditioner?

When your AC unit breaks finding the right air conditioner parts Wilmington NC store can be quiet difficult.  This is especially true if your unit breaks in the middle of the summer.  Most heating and cooling parts stores are very busy during the summer months.  Because of the increase of business this can often cause a store to run out of HVAC parts.  The store can always order the parts for you if this situation does come up.  The downside is you will have to wait to fix your air conditioning unit.

There is one more option though if your local HVAC company does not have the parts you need.  You can always visit a used parts heating and air store.  These stores sell the same parts as a regular store. The only difference is the parts have been previously used and will not be under warranty.

Finding A Boat Rental

Where are all the boat rental companies in Wilmington, NC?

If you are looking for a boat rental near Wilmington NC there are many places you can look.  The best place to find all the boat companies though are at the beaches.  Inland companies have boat rentals also, they are mostly located on the canals.  But the best rental companies are located on the beaches.  Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach, NC are the two most popular beaches near Wilmington, NC.  Since they are more popular they offer the best boat rental services.  The boat companies on these beaches are very busy so I highly recommend calling and making a reservation.

Now if your looking for an inland fishing boat they do rent those as well.  But you will probably have to over pay to rent a fishing boat from a company on the beach.  For fishing boat rentals I recommend going to a boat rental company on one of the canals.

Fixing The Roof Of Your House

Looking for residential roofers to fix your house?

Residential roofers Wilmington NC are often busy this time of year. Many people prefer to have roofing work done on their homes in the summer time.  Opinions vary on why this is the case, but the fact remains workload always increases for companies this time of year.  Not matter the reason, you definitely need to make sure you have no leaks in your house before the winter time.

The winter season is the rainy season for most tropical cities or towns.  This is why it is important to have repairs made on your homes roof in the summer time.  The last thing you want is to have a leak in your house when it is extremely cold outside.  Even if you do not have a leak and just simply want an upgrade on your roof.  You should definitely have the work done during the summer months.

A Commonly Overlooked Problem

Why is HVAC cleaning overlooked?

HVAC cleaning Wilmington NC is one of the most overlooked procedures in the industry.  When something goes wrong with someone’s heating and cooling system the first thing that comes to mind is something is broken.  The next step that follows this is one of the two thoughts.  It is always either I need to try and fix the problem or I need to contact an HVAC company to come and take a look at it.

This mistake is made by many HVAC contractors as well.  It is not only home or business owners that tend to forget that an HVAC system needs to be cleaned on a routine basis.  When your heating and cooling system back up with dust many issues can occur.  Not only does it pollute the air that is being pushed into your home or business.  It can also cause our system to overheat.

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Metal Roofs

Did you know metal roofing is very popular in Wilmington, NC?

The sudden call for metal roofing Wilmington NC is a big shock to many people.  Installing metal roofs has become very popular among both residential and commercial buildings.  Many say that is simply cheaper and last longer.  Also, metal roofs are less likely to blow off during a high wind storm.  To many is also looks much better, especially since you can get the metal roof in several different colors.

Do not think that the popularity of shingles along with clay roofs has completely disappeared.  They are both still extremely popular, mostly in the residential area of the field though.  Many houses are having their roofs transformed over to clay shingles.  Clay shingles are said to keep the heat out of the home better than any other roof.  The clay shingle also gives the house that Latin style appearance which many like.


Having Gutters Installed

Live in Wilmington, NC and need gutters installed?

If your home needs gutters Wilmington NC is the city to live in.  Most of the roofing companies here specialize in gutter installation along with roofing work.  Having gutters attached to your roof is a very important aspect if you live in the Wilmington, NC area.  With the amount of rain the tropical climate here brings you need something to redirect the rain water.

Giving the rainfall Wilmington experiences every year this forces roofing companies to learn how to install and maintain their customers gutters.  The rain has to be redirected to avoid flooding.  So if you live in the Wilmington, NC area  and need gutters installed you can simply contact a roofing company and they should be able to help.  You still want to research the company first because some companies have a better knowledge on how to install and maintain a gutter system.

Roofing Projects

2017 brings more roofing projects to Wilmington, NC!

The year 2017 could call for more roofing Wilmington NC projects than any other year before.  There is always a good amount of roofing work to be done throughout the city.  This is mostly due to the weather and the heat constantly beating down on the rooftops of buildings and houses.  But this year seems to have called for a sudden surge in demand for roofing projects.

Many people do believe it is due to the hurricane that barely missed the city the past year.  Even though it did not make landfall here in Wilmington, the weather was still bad enough to do some damage.  This has not been noticed until recently because the rainy season like most tropical towns is in the summer time.  Residents and businesses are starting to notice leaks that were not there before.  The only explanation people can come up with is damage from the recent hurricane.


HVAC Systems And Your Comfort

Do you know how your HVAC system works?

The way a HVAC Wilmington NC system works truly does determine how comfortable you will be in your home.  If you do not take proper care of your heating and cooling system you will not be happy with the results.  Your air conditioner and heater are the 2 most important aspects of your home.  Without them you have no control of the air flow in your house.

The thing that most people don’t understand is how their HVAC system works.  Your system sucks in the hot or cold air then  then transforms that air into the temperature that you have set or desire.  This is what your thermostat is for.  Whatever you set your thermostat at is the temperature your HVAC unit is going to work to produce for your comfort.  This is why it is so important to take care of your system.