Finding A Boat Rental

Where are all the boat rental companies in Wilmington, NC?

If you are looking for a boat rental near Wilmington NC there are many places you can look.  The best place to find all the boat companies though are at the beaches.  Inland companies have boat rentals also, they are mostly located on the canals.  But the best rental companies are located on the beaches.  Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach, NC are the two most popular beaches near Wilmington, NC.  Since they are more popular they offer the best boat rental services.  The boat companies on these beaches are very busy so I highly recommend calling and making a reservation.

Now if your looking for an inland fishing boat they do rent those as well.  But you will probably have to over pay to rent a fishing boat from a company on the beach.  For fishing boat rentals I recommend going to a boat rental company on one of the canals.

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