Metal Roofs

Did you know metal roofing is very popular in Wilmington, NC?

The sudden call for metal roofing Wilmington NC is a big shock to many people.  Installing metal roofs has become very popular among both residential and commercial buildings.  Many say that is simply cheaper and last longer.  Also, metal roofs are less likely to blow off during a high wind storm.  To many is also looks much better, especially since you can get the metal roof in several different colors.

Do not think that the popularity of shingles along with clay roofs has completely disappeared.  They are both still extremely popular, mostly in the residential area of the field though.  Many houses are having their roofs transformed over to clay shingles.  Clay shingles are said to keep the heat out of the home better than any other roof.  The clay shingle also gives the house that Latin style appearance which many like.


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