Roofing Projects

2017 brings more roofing projects to Wilmington, NC!

The year 2017 could call for more roofing Wilmington NC projects than any other year before.  There is always a good amount of roofing work to be done throughout the city.  This is mostly due to the weather and the heat constantly beating down on the rooftops of buildings and houses.  But this year seems to have called for a sudden surge in demand for roofing projects.

Many people do believe it is due to the hurricane that barely missed the city the past year.  Even though it did not make landfall here in Wilmington, the weather was still bad enough to do some damage.  This has not been noticed until recently because the rainy season like most tropical towns is in the summer time.  Residents and businesses are starting to notice leaks that were not there before.  The only explanation people can come up with is damage from the recent hurricane.


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